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About AIT's Open University

AIT is an independent technology-focused university modeled on internationally recognized Institutes of Technologies like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.
Rankings of the over 20,000 universities in the world show that of the top five ranked universities in the world, two are Institutes of Technology: namely the California Institute of Technology (CalTech), ranked Number 1 and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), ranked Number 5 in the world. AIT is modeled to walk in their footsteps.

AIT is accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB), Ghana and affiliated to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) to offer campus-based Bachelor's degree programs in: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Business Administration among others ( or In addition to our accredited campus-based programs.
AIT in collaboration with the Open University of Malaysia ( offers accredited ( open university programs at the Bachelor's, Master's and the PhD levels in Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, Education, Project Management, and Engineering ( or ).

These programs are approved by the National Accreditation Board (NAB). The Open University of Malaysia (OUM) — the largest university in Malaysia with close to 90,000 students is an accredited university set-up by 11 fully accredited and internationally recognized Malaysian public universities. AIT currently has over 200 PhD students, the highest in the country for any public or private university.

AIT introduced the open university approach to higher education within the sub-region in order to dramatically broaden access and improve enrollment to tertiary education. Our open university apart from offering workers the opportunity to pursue further education without obtaining permission to go on a study leave from their employers, also provides those enrolled on campus-based degree programs in other tertiary institutions the flexibility to pursue in parallel an additional degree program without the need to reside in Accra.

AIT is a leader within the sub-region in the area of providing Open University programs. In fact, Hon. Alex Tettey-Enyo, during his tenure as Minister of Education observed that: "The Government applauds the pioneering step that AIT has taken to roll-out various Open University programs within the West Africa sub-region and beyond". He noted the Government's commitment to encourage and support the Open University concept to broaden access to higher education and encouraged other tertiary institutions to follow the lead provided by AIT.

Pioneering the Multiple Degree Concept

AIT is pioneering the multiple degree concept to offer opportunities to those studying for Bachelor's degree at other tertiary institutions anywhere in the country to concurrently enroll on one of AIT's open university accredited Bachelor's degree programs.

The multiple degree concept as practiced in a number of advanced countries is only possible where there is an open university option that makes it possible for university students to optimize their time by pursuing a degree program in a conventional campus-based university and at the same time concurrently register and study for another degree program at an open university.

Why Pursue Multiple Bachelor's Degree?

In today's knowledge and technology age, you need to acquire the requisite skills and core competencies that fully prepare you for the best jobs on offer. Students can take advantage of the diverse educational opportunities now available to complete multiple degree programs in the same time that it takes to complete one degree.

Working towards obtaining multiple Bachelor's degrees concurrently in related or complimenting fields within four years gives you a better preparation and a unique head-start in the ever competitive local and international job markets. Also, potential employers are impressed by the fact that job-seekers with dual degrees took on additional challenges during their university studies to acquire expertise that make them more marketable on the job-market than their counterparts who pursue a single degree within the same time period.

It is also worth noting that the acquisition of an accredited and internationally recognized degree from the Open University of Malaysia in addition to obtaining an accredited degree locally will give you a competitive edge in both the local and the international job markets.

Multiple degrees? why not ? By the way, Michael Nicholson of Michigan, USA obtained 29 degrees over a couple of years and he is now studying for his 30th degree (read the story at:
h t t p : / / a b c n e w s . g o . c o m / U S / m i c h i g a n - m a n - 2 9 - c o l l e g e - d e g r e e s -stopping/story?id=16597200).

In any case, why spend four years to get one degree if you can get two within the same period? AIT with its cutting-edge technological resources and the unlimited access to learning support resources and materials by our students is making it possible and practical for you to achieve this goal.

Who Can Pursue Multiple Bachelor's Degrees?

If you are studying for a Bachelor's degree in any of the public or private tertiary institutions and want to avail yourself of this opportunity to concurrently study for and acquire an additional value-added Bachelor's degree through AIT's Open University system. Then you are a suitable candidate to take full advantage of this unique opportunity being offered by AIT.

Why Pursuing Multiple Degrees Concurrently is Possible at AIT?

We offer you a flexible academic schedule that will enable you combine work on more than one degree program at the same time. The full academic load translates to taking only 3 courses per trimester.

Our Open University students attend only five scheduled weekend campus tutorial sessions within a trimester thus they can easily pursue two degrees (campus-based and open university-based) concurrently. You don't need to reside in Accra to take advantage of this opportunity. Furthermore tutorial sessions although recommended are not mandator..we provide you with all the learning resources you need to complete your courses.

The AIT Open University Advantage

We have extensive e-library with thousands of books which can be accessed free of charge by our students. Our Open University students therefore have free unlimited access to all their lecture notes, e-books, extensive e-library resources and other learning resources.

AIT students through our institutional cooperation agreement with MIT also have unlimited access to: MIT's Teaching and Learning support resources including: e-books, lecture notes, student handouts, and lessons covering the entire over 2000 courses and programs currently offered by MIT.

In addition our Open University students have unlimited access to the digital collection of the Open University of Malaysia made up of over 150,000 e-books and over 22,000 ejournals. At AIT, our students do not need to buy text books and the degree programs are affordable. You can also use our learning resources to supplement the tuition you are receiving from your current institution.

Will I be given exemptions in the courses I've already taken ?

Yes!! those who have already commenced their Bachelor's degree program before enrolling on their additional degree program with us may be considered for credit transfer based on their transcripts and the relevancy of the courses to the syllabus of the degree program they are applying for at AIT.

How Do I apply?

Just go through and select from the above list of our internationally recognized and accredited NAB Approved Bachelor's degree open university programs and apply. You must satisfy the admission requirements. We admit students in January, May and September trimesters. Please visit our Academic Program page for admission requirements and details of our academic programs and for the application form. You can also call us on
(+233-28-8181817 or +233-28-9181817) or e-mail ( or visit us at our Cantonments Campus in Accra. We are opposite the Morning Star School in Cantonments.

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