The Academic Programs - Structure & Duration

Undergraduate: Bachelor's Degree Programs

The Bachelor's degree programs are of 4 year duration with each academic year made up of 3 trimesters (of 15/16 weeks each). Students on a Bachelor's degree programs take a total of 9 credits (i.e. 3 credits per course for 3 courses) and minimum of 3 credits (1 subject) per trimester. Students with good cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) will be allowed to take 12 credits in a trimester after obtaining an approval from the relevant Dean of School.
All Bachelor's degree programs follow a structured course delivery approach. Students are required to take specific core, concentration and elective courses online based on approved syllabuses. All courses require the submission of assignments and participation in quizzes, tests, and final end-of-trimester examinations and as well as participation in face-to-face tutorial sessions which is mandatory for all students registered on Bachelor's degree programs.

Postgraduate: Master's Degree Programs

A Master's degree program can be completed within a minimum two (2) years with each academic year made up of 3 trimesters (of 15/16 weeks each).
The Master's Degree programs are categorized under three (3) structures as follows:
1. Structure I — Master's Degree by Research.
2. Structure II — Master's Degree by Coursework and Research.
3. Structure III — Master's Degree by Coursework.

Master's Degree by Research (Structure I)
Students pursuing their degree under this structure have to take a sustained and in-depth study on a particular research topic, which they will then write in the form of thesis.
1. Students undertake research under the supervision of a Supervisor appointed by AIT. The Supervisor will ensure that the student is making progress towards completing the research on time.
2. Students may be required to enroll in some compulsory core courses online and/or attend tutorial sessions/seminars on specific topics before undertaking their research to strengthen their basic knowledge in areas considered necessary to advance their research work.
At the end of the program, students are required to submit a thesis for examination. The thesis must be defended at a public face-to-face viva voce session.

Master's Degree by Coursework and Research (Structure II)
Students pursuing their Master's degree under this structure are required to fulfill a minimum number of credit hours of coursework and sit for examinations. Following the successful completion of the relevant coursework component, the student will be assigned a supervised research project leading to the submission of a dissertation for examination.

Master's Degree by Coursework (Structure III)
Students pursuing their Master's degree under this structure are required to fulfill a number of credit hours of coursework and sit for examination. Candidates will also be required to attend seminar classes. Assessment will normally be based on assignments and/or tests/exams and/or presentations of a substantial project paper or case study. Students are required to fulfill the required number of credit hours prescribed and sit for written examinations for the courses registered at the end of the semester.

Postgraduate: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree Programs

A Doctoral (PhD) Degree program can be completed within a minimum of four (4) years and a maximum period of eight (8) years. The PhD degree programs are designed to produce cutting-edge researchers and top-notch scholars in specific fields to cater for the needs of industry and commerce; and as well meet the needs of universities and research institutions for high-caliber academics, researchers and critical subject area specialists.

Program Structure
The PhD program comprised three parts:

Part I - Compulsory Core Courses:
These courses will be taken online via the AIT Learning Management System (LeMASS).

Part II — Research:
PhD candidates will be required to conduct the research and prepare their thesis under the guidance of Supervisor(s). PhD candidates will be required to meet their supervisor(s) four (4) times in a trimester to consult on their work and progress made. They may also be required to occasionally attend and present progress report on research work at special seminar sessions to be hosted by the relevant subject matter PhD Research Committee under the auspices of the AIT Center for Graduate Studies.

Part III - Thesis Examination:
In Part III the candidate submit his/her thesis for examination. An internal examiner and one external examiner will be appointed to assess the PhD thesis. Candidates will be required to defend their thesis at a public face-to-face viva voce session.

Note: Extension
Postgraduate students who are not able to complete their studies within the stipulated maximum period under the Doctoral Degree Program may apply for an extension of not more than one (1) academic year by making a written application to the Dean of Graduate Studies. The application must be made three (3) months before the end of the duration of study.

Failure to complete a program within the stipulated duration may result in the termination of candidature.

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