Can I know a bit more about AIT

Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) established in 2005 is an independent technology-focused university committed to achieving academic excellence, cutting-edge research and R&D work. The university is modeled on internationally recognized institutes of technologies like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA which is consistently ranked as the top technological university of the world.
We are determined to deliver quality, convenient and industry-based education to all our students using excellent and modern based technological methods at the comfort of our students and other stakeholders.

What are the big names behind AIT

The AIT Board of Trustees is chaired by the famous Professor Francis Allotey. Other members include:

• Professor Ivan Addae Mensah, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana.
• Professor Samuel Adjepong, Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast, now President of Methodist University College,
• Professor Jophus Anamuah-Mensah, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Education, Winneba, Professor Emmanuel Owusu-Benoah former Director General of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
• Professor Edward Ayensu, Chairman of the World Bank Inspection Panel,
• Dr. K.Y Amoako, former Under Secretary General of the United Nations.
• Rev Ama Afo-Blay former Director General of the Ghana Education Service,
• Dr. Grace Bediako, former Government Statistician, and
• Mr. Yamoah, the Managing Director of the Stock Exchange.

We certainly have the most high powered university Board of Trustees, not only in Ghana but in the entire of Africa.
In fact Professor Clement Dzidonu, the AIT President is well-known computer scientist, who has won many international awards including the World Technology Award. Other Winners of that Award are: Al Gore, the former Vice President of the USA, Tony Blair, the Former British Prime Minister and President Kagame of Rwanda.

Professor Dzidonu was the first African to win such an international prestigious award. He is also listed in the Who is Who in the World and is internationally recognized.

Is AIT Accredited?

Yes, AIT is accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and affiliated to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) to offer Bachelor's degree programs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering Computer Science, Information Technology and Business Administration. We also offer Certificate of Technology (CTech) and Diploma of Technology (DTech) programs in all the fields mentioned above.

Please visit

for more information on accreditation status of AIT.

Which Institution would Award AIT Degrees and Certificates?

AIT is affiliated to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) so our campus based university degrees are awarded by KNUST.

All Certificate of Technology (CTech) and Diploma of Technology (DTech) certificates are awarded by AIT.

Can I know more about CTech/DTech Programs

Our Certificate and Diploma of Technology (CTech/DTech) programs are unique in the country. AIT's CTech programs are of One Semester Duration and the DTech Programs are of Two Semester Duration (equivalent to completing 1st Year University Degree Program).

The Certificate and Diploma of Technology programs are offered in Engineering, Information Technology, Business Administration and Computer Science among others.
The CTech/DTech students take about 5-6 courses per semester and number of these courses are degree level courses. Students who successfully complete the CTech/DTech Program are therefore eligible to move on to AIT's degree Programs. The CTech/DTech programs are end-qualification in themselves.

We also have Industrial CTech and DTech is which very practical meant to train industry workers in short courses to upgrade their skills in various fields.

What are the programs AIT offers?

Our campus-Based Bachelor degree Programs accredited by NAB and affiliated to KNUST are:

1. Information Technology with options in
a) Network Systems
b) Web Development & Engineering
c) Multimedia Systems
d) Software Development

2. Computer Science
3. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
4. Computer Engineering
5. Civil Engineering

6. Business Administration with Option in:
a) Accounting and Finance
b) E-commerce
c) Entrepreneurship and Information Technology
d) Banking and Finance and Information Technology
e) Human Resource Management and Information Technology
f) Marketing and Information Technology

What are the Admission Requirements for the various programs?

This depends on the certificate you are using to apply. There are several certificates accepted at AIT to enroll on our degree programs
• The commonest are SSSCE and WASSCE. For any Bachelors Degree program in Information Technology or Business Administration, applicants are expected to have minimum credit passes in English Language and Mathematics (minimum D for SSSCE or C6 for WASSCE applicants) in addition to minimum credit passes in three elective subjects.

Also, applicants must have obtained minimum credit passes in Integrated Science for Ghanaian applicants.
• For other applicants outside Ghana; especially from Nigeria, besides the English and Mathematics, applicants should have also obtained minimum credit passes in four other elective subjects.
• Applicants seeking admission into any engineering and computer science program at AIT should have in addition to the above obtained minimum credit passes in Physics and Elective/Further Mathematics.
• Besides SSSCE and WASSCE, other certificates like City and Guilds, Technician Part I, II, and III, FTC, NVTI, etc are considered.
• HND holders with minimum 2nd Class Lower in the relevant area of steady can be considered for a top up at L300.
• Applicants who are 25 years and above at the time of applying can admitted as matured students after an entry exams. Such applicants should have passed English Language and Mathematics before qualifying to sit for the mature entrance exams.

Can I Transfer from my Current University, Institution or College to AIT?

Yes you can. AIT accepts transfer students from all accredited institutions worldwide and accept transcripts from such institutions.

What are the School Fees for the various programs?

AIT has one of the most affordable school fees in the country. Click for details of fees.

Is it true at AIT students do not buy books and handouts?

It is absolutely correct that AIT students do not buy books nor handouts. In fact, they do not only buy books and handouts, they also do not submit hard copy assignments. Our students access all their course and learning materials and other learning resources online over the Internet anywhere in the country from the comfort of their homes, offices or workplaces.

Those without Internet access can avail of our free learning materials over our Learning Center Intranet systems on AIT campuses. They can access, complete and submit their assignments online using the resources of our state-of-the-art Learning Management System. There unlimited videos, audios and other resources students can download from our system AIT system is also synchronized with MIT system where AIT students can access all materials available every MIT student all over the world.

Does AIT have scholarship scheme for students?

AIT can assist all students to pay their fees. Besides the possibility of getting scholarships, AIT employs brilliant, hardworking and smart students as work study students so that they can make some money to either pay fees or sustain themselves.

Can I do my National Service after Completing AIT?

All AIT students can do their national service in their respective countries. For Ghanaian, your names would be submitted to the National Service Secretariat for registration and posting. Foreign students seeking to do their national service in Ghana can also apply to be added.

However, for foreign students (especially in Nigeria), all you need is your certificate (which AIT provides mostly on the day of graduation) to be submitted to your respective bodies in your country for posting. Students therefore have no problems doing their national service after completing AIT.

Can I Get Accommodation at AIT?

AIT has several hostels very close to the campus (most of them at walking distance) at very affordable prices. You can get one, two, three and four in a room depending on your choice. Just let us know which one you prefer and we would provide for you.

Contact +233 577668805 for reservation.

What are the support services available for international students?

AIT provides you a ‘home away from home' comfort. AIT has International Students Support Unit that cares for all our international students. We are determined to protect, cater and seek the interests of our foreign students. We find you accommodation, secure you and take care of you to meet your expectations.

In fact, AIT is the only university where the University works on RESIDENCE PERMIT for all foreign students. Our foreign students do not have to join long queues at immigration for RESIDENCE PERMIT. The university does these things for them.

AIT has a close relationship with the various High Commissions of our foreign students so we jointly work towards the interests of all our foreign students.

Can I Complete my Bachelor's Degree Program in less than four years?

Yes! At AIT, students can complete their program earlier than their scheduled years. From June to September every year, AIT runs a summer program for all courses to assist students complete some courses before the start of the next semester. Therefore, you can complete a whole semester program in summer so that you move to the next semester when school reopens in September. Conspicuously, students can complete their four year programs in either two and half years or maximum three years.

How Can I Apply?

Visit our website, and locate the ‘Apply Online' button and follow the instructions. You can also download the form, fill it and forward with your scanned certificates to

You can also visit any of our campuses (Cantonments –Opposite Morning Star School or Seaview Campus-New Aplaku Hills, along the Mallam-Kasoa Highway) to purchase the form.

How much is the application Form?

The application form is sold for Ghc60 and $60 for Ghanaian and foreign students respectively.

How can I pay for the wait application form?

Go to any Ecobank branch near you and pay for the cost of the form. Use the receipt given you to visit our apply online portal and go through the process.

Alternatively, you can scan the receipts alongside your certificates and submit with the form to

Please note that you do not need an account number to pay. Just inform them you are doing ‘bank collect' in the name of Accra Institute of Technology, Ghana.