Experience our Multiple Degree System

AIT is pioneering the multiple degree concept to offer opportunities to those studying for Bachelor's degree at other tertiary institutions anywhere in the world to concurrently enroll on one of AIT's open university accredited Bachelor's degree programs. The multiple degree concept is only possible where there is an open university option that makes it possible for university students to optimize their time by pursuing a degree program in a traditional campus-based university and at the same time concurrently register and study for another degree program at an open university.

In today's knowledge and technology age, one need to acquire the requisite skills and core competencies that fully prepare you for the best jobs on offer. Students can take advantage of the diverse educational opportunities now available to complete multiple degree programs in the same time that it takes to complete one degree.

Working towards obtaining multiple Bachelor's degrees concurrently in related or complimenting fields gives one a better preparation and a unique head-start in the ever competitive local and international job markets. Also, potential employers are impressed by the fact that job-seekers with dual degrees took on additional challenges during their university studies to acquire expertise that make them more marketable on the job-market than their counterparts who pursue a single degree within the same time period.

Experience Experience our Multiple Degree System