Our Award Winning Learning Management System

All students at AIT in addition to having free unlimited access to all their lecture notes and other learning resources on our Learning Management System. LEMASS also have access to learning resources of other world-class universities through our LEMASS+ interface.

This interface provide our students a dynamic online link to course materials and notes and other multimedia learning resources like lecture videos and audios of leading universities in the world. For each course offered at AIT, our students use the LEMASS+ interface to have access to equivalent top-class quality learning resources produced by other world-class universities.

The extensive learning support resources offered to our students through LEMASS and the LEMASS+ platform means that students at AIT are not obliged to take notes in class since they have access to all their lecture notes and hand-outs at the beginning of the semester. No student at AIT purchases a single textbook during their entire studies at AIT; they have free access to all the e-books and other learning resources they need for the entire academic program.

Experience Our Award Winning Learning Management System