Experience the AIT Forum

The AIT Forum is an innovative interactive system developed and hosted by our students to serve as an online platform for all members of the university community. The AIT Forum serves as AIT's own Facebook that provides an interactive platform for discussion, announcements, contacts.

The forum allows you to a platform where you can ask questions and other users of the forum provide answers to your questions or problems.

The Forum also allows you to a platform where you can challenge others to solve a particular problem i.e. You set a problem and challenge others to solve it in form of a contest.

In the Forum is a platform where you can buy any product from others and you can also sell your product as well.

A very important aspect of the forum is that, you can create an online research, reading, Entertainment, sport, gossip group between you and your friends.

Through the forum, you can directly communicate with the school's president and Regisrar without going through any protocol.

Embedded in the forum are some forum categories e.g. Sport, Gossip, Programming, Computer and Mobile phone, Technology & Discovery, Music, Engineering, business etc.

There are alot of weekly activities on the forum e.g AIT face of the week, Best Lecturer of the week etc. The Forum also allows you to chat with others, send files, upload news, comment on others post etc.

Experience Experience the AIT Forum