1. There are two versions of the Application Form: MS-WORD version and PDF Version.
  2. For Each Version, there are two options: downloading a smaller size file (for those with slow Internet link) or downloading a larger size file (for those with a faster speed Internet link)
  3. For those opting for the pdf version of the Application Form, Please ensure that you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat Version 5.0 or higher (not the Acrobat Reader) installed on your computer. The form will not be able to save your completed details if you only have an Acrobat Reader installed on your machine. In other words although you will be able to read and fill the application form, you will not be able to save the information you entered, in this case the completed form will be empty if you send it to AIT as an attachment.
  4. Pls note, in case you are in doubt in relation to whether your computer has the full version of the Adobe Acrobat installed on it, we suggest you instead complete the MS-WORD Version of the Form. Thank You!!
  5. The Application Forms are to be downloaded and filled(completed) on your computer and send to us as an E-mail attachment.
  6. Please do not download and Print -Just fill it on the computer and send.

Fillable Microsoft Word Download

Application Form-Option 1 (small size file: 1MB)

Application Form-Option 2 (large size file: 1.4MB)

Fillable PDF Version(Requires Full version of Adobe Acrobat) Download.

Application Form-Option 1 (small size file: 831KB)

Application Form-Option 2 (large size file:842KB)
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