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    Doctor Progrmas Options

    Doctor of Education [DEd]

    Program Synopsis

    The Doctor of Education (DEd) is designed to produce high quality academics in the area of education. This is in line with the nation aspiration in enhancing the human capital, which will be the pillar in achieving vision 2020. The following are the specific objectives of this program.

    To produce graduates who have wide education knowledge and skills to function as effective teachers, education officers or lecturers in educational institutions.
    To produce education leaders who are capable of making decisions, planning than carrying out duties that are entrusted on them effectively.
    To produce academicians who are capable of con ducting research in their related fields of specialization.
    To develop educational leaders who can translate theoretical knowledge into practical applications.

    Normal Entry

    Master in related field; OR
    Any equivalent qualifications recognized by Government

    Doctor of Philosophy (Science)

    Program Synopsis

    The objective of the Ph.D (Science) program is to attract outstanding individuals to pursue research of the highest standard, in selected areas of:
    • Sciences
    • Theoretical and applied mathematics
    • Applied science
    • Science education

    This program comprised three parts:

    Part I - Compulsory Core Courses
    Part II - Research
    Part III - Thesis Examination

    Part II - Research

    In Part II, students will be conducting the research and prepare the thesis through self managed learning and or independent study under the guidance of a supervisor. Each student must meet the assigned supervisor at least 4 times in each semester before he/she can progress in the subsequent semester.

    A student can choose any of the following specialization areas to pursue their research.

    • Agriculture Technology and Business

    • Applied Statistics

    • Biotechnology Management

    • Computational and Theoretical Mathematics

    • Distance Education in Chemistry and other Science/Mathematics subjects

    • Nursing and Health Sciences

    • Science Education

    • Sports Science

    Part III - Thesis Examination

    In this part, the candidate has completed the thesis and is ready to submit the thesis for examination. An internal examiner and one external examiner will be appointed to assess the Ph.D. (Science) thesis and the student will be examined in the Viva Voce session.

    Normal Entry

    Master’s degree in Science / related field; OR
    Bachelor’s degree with first class in Education / related field from OUM or other institutions recognized by Senate; AND
    i) Registered for a Master’s degree in Education / related field; AND

    ii)Passed related qualifying examination.

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